Pineapple Guava/Feijoa/Acca Brown Spots on Leaves

June.SkyJune 10, 2012

Hello Garden Web.

I'm a new member to this community, but I have lurked around the forums here for years now.

Does anyone know what's wrong with my pineapple guava plants? They have brown spots on their leaves that are not outlined with yellow. I've read that this plant is extremely disease/pest resistant but can't find the information I need through searches.

This affects not only old leaves, but new growth as well. For now, only a small portion of the total foliage has this.

I have attached photos.


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I don't know your particular leaf disease, many plants get such leaf discolorations.

My feijoa plant in Portland has various minor leaf blemishes most years. Aside from marring the close-up appearance of the foliage, the bush continues to flower and fruit well.

If the damaged leaves are a small percentage of the total, just keep them plucked and not laying on the soil.

Are those weevil notches on your leaf edges? There are weevils in this yard, but never on the feijoa. Perhaps your foliage hangs very low to the ground.

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Hi Larry. These have only been in pots so far. I overwinter them outside, so at first, I thought it might be frost damage (the leaves were completely encased in ice last winter). I guess that can't be the problem because some of the new growth has it too. I'm just afraid it'll spread and overwhelm the plants. Some nearby rose bushes have a very similar thing going on with their leaves, except the marks are much more round/circular.

As for the possibility of weevils, to be honest, I'm not sure! I've inspected the plants a few times now for insects but the only thing I've found are a couple of small spiders here and there hanging in the webs they make between the branches. I don't know what has been eating them :(

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Rose likely has the typical "black spot". There is a spray for that.

Weevils would be eating at night.

Cold damage to feijoa leaves results in a pale, dull leaf, perhaps turning evenly light brown, and falling off the plant some weeks later. Shaking the plant will of course hurry the leaf drop.

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So, did you ever find out what these brown spots were and did your Pineapple Guava recover?

Here is a link that might be useful: Milk & water cures blackspot fungus?

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