I don't get it-Honeyberry damage

Bradybb(wa8)June 6, 2012

I have these two Haskap(Honeyberry)that were planted last Fall.They are side by side.Both are putting on good growth and even have a few berries.

Today I walk around my plants and see this major discolor of the leaves of one of them and some healthy leaves on the ground.The other plant looks untouched.

There was quite a bit of rain yesterday,but I can't see that doing something like this.

Any clues?Should I cut away the bad parts,including the woody branch coming off the central leader or wait and see what happens? Thanks,Brady

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Drought before the rain? Or some kind of fertilizer burn? Either of those a possibility? Short of that, maybe something bacterial, but I don't really know. I haven't seen anything like that on my honeyberry bushes, or any other of the honeysuckle species I grow, either.

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