Apple Tree Care Suggestions

luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)June 16, 2013

I would appreciate suggestions (do's and don't) to take care of some 3-4(?) year old Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Gala trees. I am not having problems with them but wanted to hear how people fertilize it, prune it, water it, etc. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Area (Z8). Of special interest, I have two topics: (1) how do you know the fruit is ready for picking and (2) how to prune them? The trees were planted years ago and have not been pruned since. The only care they get is some fertilizing, mulching and removal of grass near the base. They must be at leat 10' by now. I have never eaten the fruit but I am sure someone has because when I suddenly remember about the apples, there are none left... I am guessing the squirrels had a party around Halloween. TIA, Luis

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Given your zone, I would wait until next spring to prune. Likely to burn newly exposed portions by pruning now. And be reading about it between now and then. There is a lot to learn, although once you know it seems simple. part of the problem is there is a lot of worthless info on the web. So stay on this forum. You may not get the help the day you want it, but you will get there.

Fertilizer- dump compost on the ground around the trees. Read up on trapping squirrels.
Pretty easy to find info on ripening for each type by using google. But make the final decision by taste or competition with wildlife.

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