Dwarf Peach Tree Care Suggestions

luis_prJune 16, 2013

I would appreciate suggestions (do's and don't) to take care of this tree. I am not having problems with it but wanted to hear how people fertilize it, prune it, water it, etc. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Area (Z8). Also, how do you know the fruit is ready for picking? The tree was planted last yearin the early Spring and already had some peaches (but only my dogs know how well that crop tasted ). It did not loose its leaves so the only pruning I have done so far is to get rid of suckers. TIA, Luis

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

" It did not loose its leaves so the only pruning I have done so far is to get rid of suckers."

That's generally considered unfavorable. Peaches need to go through a chill cycle to maintain health and fruitfulness. Think of it as their period of necessary sleep. If the tree never lost its leaves, it's possible it didn't receive the required chill hours (hours b/t 32-45F).

There are some low chill peaches grown in states like TX and FL, but even they require some chill hours (e.g. 250 chill hours).

Fruitnut is very familiar with cultural considerations for TX (i.e. feeding, watering, etc.). Hopefully he will chime in.

In his absence, I would say a mild 10-10-10 fertilizer would be more than adequate. If no rainfall, water deeply once every 3 weeks during the growing season in sandy soil.

Pruning can be a pretty lengthy subject itself. You might google advice on the web, or specifically this forum to gain some familiarity for it.

For my trees generally the first sign they are ready to pick is when you walk by and the tree smells like peaches. About this time the background color on the peaches will change from green to yellow. Sometimes you'll notice a peach or two has already fallen to the ground.

Peaches generally require at least two pickings, so don't try to pick all the fruit at once.

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