Bare root cherry damaged in shipping?

cest_lovageJune 7, 2012

I have just received a package of bare root trees and shrubs. One tree, a North Star dwarf has no roots, just a chopped off base like a hop rhizome. It looks like there might be some tiny hairy roots, but no taproot.

Is this normal, or was it damaged during shipping?

Thanks in advance.

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sergnic(z9 Italy)

Maybe I do not know enough of the world, and also I do not know where you write from, (it is helpful if you indicate it!).
But sending deciduous plants, bare root, in June I think it is folly, send them and ask to have them.

The bare-root plants (deciduous) have to be sent before or just after the last frosts, but may be that where both are now in the last frosts, at my cherries (fruits) are already mature.
The bare-root plants are precisely with roots, a rule, but often are used cuttings as rootstock, and than with few roots.
The system is to run the plant, and see if it develops.
Outside of this is risky to make assessments, proof of the facts will give you the correct answer.

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Hi Sergnic
I am in northern USA, so frosts have recently past.
I wish I could be in beautiful Italy like you. Fond memories of past visits.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Cest, I have to say, even for you in NH, it's awfully late to be getting anything bare root. You didn't mention what nursery you ordered from? You should have SOME root structure. Doesn't sound like it was damaged in shipping, it sounds like this is how it came from the grower. Let us know what grower/nursery you ordered from. Many folks on this list are familiar with a broad range of growers. We can let you know if you're working with a reputable one. And, that being said, you need to contact the grower. Send a photo of the tree in the box and what it looked like when you opened it. Ask for a replacement or refund. Pretty hard to get a tree to grow with no roots.

Patty S.

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