Meteor vs Montmorency

canadianplantJune 8, 2012

I seen some really nice Meteor and mont. cherries for sale. Im just wondering experiences regarding taste, care and usage of fruit.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Why bother when you can grow Evans?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I had Meteor. I ripped it out because of powdery mildew (it was in a spot that had no morning sun)...only after noon did it get full sun and then it baked in full sun until sunset. It was an excellent cherry. I also had North Star and that tree just died for some reason.

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Konrad - I have 2 Evans cherry. Im just weighing my options. Im thinking of getting another cherry, apple or pear, Im just wondering about the cherries since I just noticed them.

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I have a Meteor and really like it. Nice cherry, compact tree. Montmorency is a lot bigger tree. In my experience, that makes it a lot more difficult for spraying, netting, picking, etc. Also, I don't think Montmorency is quite as hardy. Along with Evans, Meteor is a great sour cherry choice for my area.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Yes, bigger is not always better, the Evans tree or shrub is small, better for home gardens, mainly because of the bird pressure you have in town, so much easier to protect your fruits. Also, fruit stay very well on tree, weeks after they turn red, I let them on until first frost,. then they're at their best! Have let some stay on all winter,..guess what, spring comes and you can pick them dried on the tree!

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Ziggro - I dont spray (i havnt had to so far..... thats so far..) Big is a problem, since I do have a small yard (and 10 trees already. They should either stay dwarfed below 6 or 8 feet, or semi dwarf, which i can prune to open centers.

Konrad - First, I have to say thanks again. EVerytime ive posted on this forum youve helped me.

Good call on the birds. THe sparrow/chickedee/grackle population here is pretty crazy. Some thing like 100 different bird species (give or take). Im hoping that ill have such a variety of other foods, they wont strip one whole plant (this remains to be seen).

The reasons i chose Evans in the first place were the ones you mentioned. Ive also read that they are probably the closest "tart" cherry to sweet in regards to taste, if left to mature in the way you mentioned.

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im kinda curious about how the flavors compare for meteor vs montmorency if any of you have tried both, only sour cherry ive ever had is montmorency and im thinking about putting a tree in but want something small

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