Kumquat fertilizer recommendation

yaso(8a)June 11, 2013

This winter I got a Sweet Kumquat tree from Costco grown by Saxon Becnel and Sons nursery. The plant tag doesn't give the variety name, since it is a sweet Kumquat, I assume it to be a 'Meiw' variety after checking the Saxon website.

Kumquat may not survive the Dallas winter, so I grow it in a container. It has already flowered and I see tiny baby fruits. I started to notice few leaves turning to light yellow, not sure whether it is because of watering issue, usual suspect being the pH level or lack of fertilizer. I was told not to add fertilizer for one year as the potting mix is already mixed with slow release fertilizer. If it is a fertilizer issue, I would like to get fertilizer recommendation for this Kumquat. In Home Depot, I saw Espoma Citurs-tone, please let me know whether it can be used for Kumquat. Thanks

Attached is the picture showing couple of yellow leaves.

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IIR, the citrus tone was a great fertilizer. I have 3 potted citrus (one meyer melon, one tango mandarin and one seedling lemon, from I think a meyer). They seem to need a bit more babying then most plants, and need a ton of micronutrients to do well, other wise youll see discolouring of the leaves, and lack of vigour. Many citrus trees ive seen in pots are a bright yellow, usually meaning lack of nutrients.

Unfortunately, citrustone is unavailable here, other wise id use it on everything for the most part....

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Thanks canadianplant, Espoma claims the Citrus-tone to be an Organic fertilizer, so it looks good for me.

I just have only one Citrus plant and Citrus-tone comes in 4lb bag, not sure how long the potent of the fertilizer stays or I may have to check whether it can be used other fertilizers.

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

-------------------------------------TOTAL----------- SOLUBLE
BORON-------------L------------- 0.02%----------- 0.02
COPPER-----------O------------- 0.05%----------- 0.01%
IRON ---------------W -------------1.60%-----------0.90%
MAGNESIUM----------------------1.50%----------- 1.50%
MANGANESE------P------------- 0.05%----------- 0.01
MOLYBDENUM----H -------------0.00%-----------0.0
ZINC-----------------F------------- 0.05%----------- 0.01%
P---------------------O------------- 8%
K---------------------D------------- 8%

and Miracid 30-10-10

The vigero was mixed in the soil at planting and the miracid is used for watering and foliar feeding. ,the trees are dark green and growing fast. I saw your thread before I got help with the same issue. the advice I got is click below. You may have seen it.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/citrus/msg062354098834.html

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