Please advise on my stressed Fuyu Persimmon

ferroplasm Zone 7bJune 21, 2013

Purchased at the end of May and planted June 1. This persimmon had a poorly developed root system, the soilless mix all fell away when I cut away the pot.

Planted in a hole amended only with some crabshell meal, kelp meal, and a bit of lime. Very conservative. Mulched with pine bark mulch and kept evenly moist but not too wet with a tree gator jr.

It's looking quite stressed there are some leaf hoppers and aphids or maybe persimmon psyllid. Some leaves are curled inward and secured with a webbing/silk type of material. Very small ants are frequenting these leaves.

There also seem to be small fissures in the bark. Only one or two.

I dusted with Bonide Garden Dust last Saturday, June 15. Just last night, June 20, I noticed more inward curling of the leaves and aphids and sprayed with insecticidal soap.

This evening the ants have returned. What are my options moving forward? I am thinking it may need some shade, as it gets 8+ hours of full sun. Your advice is appreciated.

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It doesn't look that bad to me.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

Yes looks ok to me too. Full sun is ok. Perhaps it should have been cut back when planted, sounds like it was a bare root tree put ino a pot; but I'd leave it alone now. Many of my persimmons have looked a little sickly the first year, they don't seem to like being moved.

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