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treehugger101June 6, 2013

Please clarify how to spray mixes. On another thread, a spray "mix" was mentioned of captan, immunox, triazicide and a sticker (liquid soap?). Can someone please tell me if 1) you mix up each chemical individually and mix all the gallons together or 2) just make up one gallon with teaspoons or whatever of each chemical or 3) spray the trees one chemical at a time over each other or what? I do not want to screw this up. (Thanks, Mrs. G).

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Hi Treehugger! I mix all of those 3 chemicals in one two gallon spray tank. The 'sticker' I use is manufactured by 'Bonide'. It is called ' Bonide Turbo Sticker Spreader'. You can buy it on line. It really works. The sticker goes into the same tank as well. I do not have to spray quite as often as in the past as the 'sticker' really makes the chemicals stick to the trees longer. They (chemicals) stay on the tree through at least three big downpours. You can buy it on line. I have separate tanks for different sprays too. Copper has its own as does Monterey Fungi Fighter. Round-Up in is a dark green tank with a skull and cross bones sticker on it. That one really frightens my husband! Mrs. G . . . (and buy goggles and a mask), neoprene gloves and make sure you are totally covered. After spraying dump clothes immediately in the washing machine. Hope this helps.

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Mrs G, The Triazacide says it is for lawns and landscapes nothing about edibles. Is there a certain kind of triazicide for fruits? Is the triazicide you use a concentrate? This is so confusing. They have once and done which is recommended for vegetables but it is not a concentrate. Therefore, I would suspect it gets diluted by the water in the sprayer.

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Correct they are all diluted into two gallons of water. Spectracides 'once and done' triazicide has gone through a few changes. You'll have to look either on line or at a Home Depot or Lowes to find the correct version. The Once and Done (triazicide) I have, mentions fruit trees in the booklet that is attached to the bottle. Reports in this forum have recently posted that some of the active ingredients might have changed. Someone here will have a better answer than I. Mrs. G
PS. The chemical I used before triazicide was Imidan. But I cannot find Imidan any longer.

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alan haigh

Here's the procedure I was trained to follow:

First you read all the labels very carefully- best to do this even before you need to spray. If edibles aren't listed it is not safe to use on edibles! The label is the law- no matter what you may read or hear elsewhere.

If you are using any powders, you put them in after filling the tank half way and mix thoroughly then you add liquid pesticides, mix that, then you can add the sticker and mix again. If sprayer doesn't agitate mix, shake the sprayer intermittently as you work.

Before you begin to spray make sure all pesticide containers are closed and in a reasonably safe place.

Nitrile is the most effective glove material, apparently blocking penetration better than neoprene, but for the few sprays you make a year I'm pretty sure neoprene is adequate.

Be aware that during mixing you are dealing with much stronger chemicals than the dilute you will be spraying so be extra careful- especially to wear goggles during the mixing process.

Not all chemicals are compatible, but if you read here that a number of people are using a combination, the chances are very good it is safe. When in doubt spray a few leaves and wait a few days before spraying the entire orchard.

Gemplers.com is a good source for protective gear.

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Mrs G. Could I impose upon you to attach a link to the bottle of Triazicide you have so I can see what the label looks like? Where do you get yours? Is it a concentrate?

HMan, Thanks for the info on Gemplers. Is it OK to store this brew in the sprayer for a month or two?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

" Is it OK to store this brew in the sprayer for a month or two?"

Generally not if you expect it to be any good. Most sprays start to break down when you mix w/ tap water. How fast depends on the compound, temp, pH of the water, etc. It's best to mix up only what you need for the current spray.

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Sorry, I meant Nitrile. I order many supplies from Gemplars, they are excellent.


This is the pdf file from the Spectracide website. The label must list fruit and nut trees. Hope this helps. Mrs. G

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alan haigh

Extra spray should be applied to trees as a second coating as soon as first coat is down- this will not cause an excessive build up and is the safest way to dispose of it. Keep notes on how much you need to cover your specific trees as well as the whole orchard.

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THANK YOU MRS.G, Olpea and H Man!!! You guys are awesome!!!


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Thank you, H-man,

My mistakes in the past:
- put in the powder first (Kocide copper, sulfur) a bunch of it stuck to the bottom of the tank!!

- did not know that sticker should always go in last. Who know how well the mixture got mixed.

Since then, I've made correction.

Your advice is so easy to follow. I e-mailed it to a friend who does not pay attention to detail. Thank you again.

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Terri! By the way, I've just been growing fruit trees for the past six years. I am a newbie too! I just decided, if I'm going to invest in trees and use my time, I want it to be best small orchard possible.

Read, Experiment, ask questions (alot!) and then read some more! The internet has endless answers that are not always right. The pros and growers in this forum all have practical application and years of experience. There isn't much they haven't seen or heard. Best of all they are kind and generous with their info. Olpea, H-man, Scott, Bamboo Rabbit, Tony, Konrad, Fruitnut, Noogy, Mile High, FloraUK, Hoosier Quilt, Jellyman, Raven, and Franktank are the pros. If I left anyone out, I apologize in advance. Mrs. G

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I knew I'd leave someone out! Melikeeatfruit! And Gator!

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nickl(Z7a NJ)

You've gotten some very good advice already. The only thing I would suggest is to make a thoroughly mixed 'slurry' of any dry materials you will be using in a small quantity of water and add the slurry to the partially filled sprayer before adding anything else. This avoids the possibility of any un-dissolved clumps of powder in the sprayer, which can happen with a small home garden sprayer that doesn't have a agitator.. . Then follow on as suggested above.

If your sprayers doesn't have an agitator, you have to do the agitation yourself as you spray. especially if you are using a dry material.

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Thanks Mrs.G and mamuang and nickl-

I spend hours here with you guys and will never learn it all! You are the best! (I do answer for others when I know the answers!)

Thanks again,


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