Just had my first Geo Pride Pluot...

brownmolaJune 14, 2013

Really wonderful taste, it might have been the best plum/pluot I've ever had. Very sweet and the freestone was a plus that I did not know about. I have a 3 in 1 tree that was put into the ground 6 months ago and only have a couple of Geo Pride and the first one I ate today.

The only pluots I've ever had were Dapple Dandy from grocery stores sold as Dinosaur Eggs, and this Geo Pride was so much better than those.

How does Splash compare in taste? I have about 40 Splash growing on the 3 in 1.

Will all pluots just pull away when ripe like the Geo Pride did?


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My test of ripeness is when they start to soften a bit. Mine are still turning color. I'm hoping they hold off a bit.

Splash to me tastes more like a plum, whatever that means, not much I know. Neither rates at the top of the heap for me but I generally like Geo Pride better.

They do pull off much easier when ripe. Some like Flavor King will fall soon after softening up.

What I've found is they ripen sooner and are less sweet if over watered.

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