Storing Rainwater for Blueberry Plants

GhadamesJune 12, 2014

Last summer, I collected some rainwater and keep it until early spring of this year. I noticed that the color of the rainwater changed and algae had formed. So I know that rainwater can contain all sorts of bacteria, etc.

My question: If I had given that one year old rainwater to my blueberry plants, could it have harmed them? Can "aging" rainwater full of bacteria, micro-organisms (or whatever living things) that are thriving in an old rainwater cause any harm to the plants? Should we throw away rainwater after a certain amount of time?

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It does not take much nutrient to get some bacteria growing in a container of water. There is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and some of that will diffuse into the water. Also, there is dust, and pollen. So I am not surprised that your rainwater looked less than pristine when you went to use it. I don't think it will harm your plants, or your lawn. It would help to boil it first if you intend to drink it.

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