first apricots then cherries

mrsg47(7)June 10, 2012

Hman I'm pretty sure you were totally right. First I had all of my 50 apricots drop; now my Montmorency cherries are all under-sized turning yellow and dropping. Very warm winter here and only two nights in early April that were 28 degrees. That must have surely ruined my cherry buds. What is so amazing is that I never had more cherry blossoms than in this spring. The tree was loaded with beautiful white blossoms and I was so excited. I had visions of freezing pies for winter. Well I counted thirty cherries yesterday and half of those are turning yellow and dropping. This is all so frustrating. I never thought fruit was easy, but this is really bad. My heart so goes out to all of you commercial growers who have had the lousiest of seasons. For that, I am so sorry, as I really have no room to complain. Next year will bring new surprises. Mrs. G

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Sorry to hear about your troubles! I can only hope next year is better for you, and the rest of the country. My trees are all quite young, so I didn't have hopes to disappoint. I'm looking forward to the four Honeycrisp apples left on my oldest tree, though!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

That's too bad! I'm still not sure if my Evans have set, they're in the last stages of flowers.
We growers always say,..hopefully next year will be better.

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I'm hoping that planting several types of fruit will allow something to crop well every year. This year, I lost most of the top growth on my blueberry plants due to desiccation. There was almost no snow cover to protect them. Even though they received no fertilizer from the end of June on, the younger plants just couldn't harden off enough.

I need to decide if I should let the birds have the 4 sour cherries on my Northstar tree. Most of my fruit trees are too young to expect much yet.

Raspberries are having a great year.... So far, that is.

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I know your pain. While mowing Saturday I squished through most of the fruits off our Stanley plum, which has not produced a crop since 2008. On the other hand, we're picking black raspberries and the first blueberries, with several more workhorse brambles to come. Diversity is comforting.

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Today is a 'spray' day here, so I'll visually ignore my non-producing trees. They'll get a spray but I won't be talking to them soon! LOL

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