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glenn_russell(6b RI)June 10, 2008

Hi All-

I tried posting this earlier as a reply in another post, but it never brought the posting to the top of the forum. So, I'm reposting it as a new question...

Hi Kiwinut / all

Hopefully people wonÂt mind me bringing up an old post.

I recently purchased a supposedly self-fertile female Issai hardy Kiwi. According to this post though, it looks like I should also plant a male pollinator of some sort. Do you have a favorite variety for zone 6b? IÂd prefer to keep the size smaller if possible. IÂd probably have to order it Bareroot next spring.

2nd question I had planned to grow the vine on a vertical, extendible piece of painted galvanized iron pipe with smaller horizontal steps on it (using "T"s). The base of the pipe is down about 3-4 feet in the ground. I had seen somewhere that this plant only got to 10 or so tall, but now I just saw elsewhere that it can get to 25Â. Is my way of attempting to grow this plant unadvisable? IÂm afraid I donÂt have any fences that I could grow it on. Anybody have any pictures of the growing asaii that theyÂd like to share? Thanks,


Here is a link that might be useful: Original posting

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Any male will probably work well enough. The male (Meader?) that is commonly sold with 'Anna' should work well, as 'Anna' is mid to late blooming like Issai.

Issai is self-pollinating, but not self-fertile. The non-viable pollen will set fruit on Issai, but not on other females. You will get more fruit and larger fruit with a male pollinator. It is not as vigorous as most pure argutas, so it is pretty easy to manage. I have a couple in 3 gallon containers that fruit well, that I keep at 3-4 ft tall, so you should not have any problems keeping it under control on your trellis.

Males can be pruned back really hard after they bloom, as much as 90% once they reach maturity, so they can be managed much more easily than most females. Most of the female varieties need to get really big to bloom, but males tend to bloom at an earlier age and smaller size.


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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Thank you Kiwinut for the info!!!!

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi Kiwinut-
Well, 10 months later, I'm now ready to get my pollinators. My local nursery has both "September Sun Artic Beauty" and "Pasha Artic Beauty Kiwi". Do you think that either of those will be a good match for my Issai? Thanks,

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chopstocky(z6 NY Sunset 37)

Did you ever plant the Arctic Beauty with the Isshai? I am looking to do just that and wonder how it worked out for you.

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