one branch of ripe cherries evrything else hard and green

windfall_rob(vt4)June 26, 2013

I have a native pin cherry on the edge of the orchard. about 4-5 years ago I cut it at chest height and grafted to the watersprouts the next spring. That tree got mesabi (I thought).

Presently the new canopy is built from 2 of those grafts. Walking by today all of one graft has beautiful ripe cherries. These are not cherries going soft and pink before they drop off. These are nice mahogany cherries, translucent skin and quite tasty though definitely still a pie cherry. They are small, slightly larger than a dime with clear flesh near the pit and colored flesh near the skin.

I was pretty astounded. All of the other varieties I am growing are still hard green balls, most have dropped all their fruit with the cold and rain. And although we have only had a few sporadic cherries ripen i the past. this seems really early for our area.

I assume I have a errant graft from another cultivar.....any thoughts ?

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I second your assumption, Rob, but go with it. As my brother would quote, "Well, if you get a good horse, ride it".

We get enough errant failures, why not take an errant success when we can, ay?


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I am hoping to put a name to the cultivar.

There can't be that many options given that I'm zone 4 and this thing ripens super early....

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