Pistachio tree has fruit but no nut!

mikeinsantarosaJune 19, 2013

I just discovered that my neighbor has 2 healthy looking Pistachio trees and there are bunches of nuts in the limbs. I picked a nut and there is nothing inside. He said I could harvest them but I think maybe something's wrong with the tree because of the missing fruit. Both trees have nuts and both trees, the nuts are empty. What's the problem here?

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They didn't got pollinated--they need a male pistachio tree for pollination.

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Thanks for that. How do you tell the difference between make & female trees?

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Based on your description, your neighbor's trees are females.

Female trees have three to five leaf-clusters per leaf-stem, whereas, male trees only have one leaf per-leaf stem; female trees are the only ones that bear fruit...males produce pollen, not fruit.

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thanks for the help - you're right there is no male in the area.

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