Young Pakistan Mulberry Aborting Fruit

Bradybb(wa8)June 8, 2013

I planted a Pakistan Mulberry earlier this year and it looks healthy,but for about a week now,I am finding green berries that have fallen off.
Is this common for this variety or maybe it's the age?As far as I remember,this hasn't happened with my other Mulberries. Thanks,Brady

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Mine did that and I think it was caused by being too dry. I see it's in a pot. Don't drown it but you might try more water. Then again I could be all wrong. My tree in CA was a good bearing tree and it got lots of water.

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Thanks fruitnut.It felt fairly moist down a few inches.They're going to get fertilized soon,so I'll water then.
I guess I can't rule out a bird or squirrel,but they're not taking the fruit. Brady

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