Pomegranate leaves drying out

ViandrotoJune 1, 2013

So I live in Las Vegas and brought over (from Southern CA) a Angel Red pomegranate. It's been about a week, still in the 5 gallon pot, and so far so good. Except the leaves have started to dry up on some of the branches, not turning yellow or anything, but simply drying to a crisp. I'm assuming it's just acclimating itself to the hotter weather, but my boyfriend believes it's not retaining enough water in it's pot so he decided to fill up a bottom tray with water for it to sit in. I'm thinking that's a bad idea and this will kill the pomegranate for sure. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Sounds like your tree may be not getting enough water. Check to see if the soil has dried out to the point of become hydrophobic. If so, soak and soak until the soil will absorb water. The other possibility is the tree is rootbound, and unable to keep and absorb water. I agree with your boyfriend, but a tray underneath is not the solution at all. Sitting in water is not a good thing, it will simply cause the roots to rot. Re-potting into a much larger pot, with well draining potting mix, or into the ground is in order.

Patty S.

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Decided to just plant it in the ground tonight. Mixed the native soil with some coir fiber to help drainage. It didn't seem to be rootbound at all. My guess would be the climate change, and possible change of conditions (amount of sun, shade, watering, etc) are causing the leaves the dry out. I'm sure the pot was heating up the roots too. In any case, hopefully it survives and thrives now it's in the ground.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Its the hot sun. Pomegranate leaves do not adapt well to sudden shifts in sun levels. I had 5 poms growing inside this spring and when I planted them out all the leaves got horribly sunburned. As long as the plant doesn't die it will sprout new leaves in a month or less and you will be OK. You could also consider putting up a shade cloth to shade the afternoon sun if its looking really bad.


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I am having same problem. I used the meter and it says good on moist level. I have 3 plants that were outside but just before bad weather I bought them inside, they seem to be doing well until couple of days ago they are dropping and they seem to be drying out.

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