When is a loganberry ripe?

jtburtonJune 5, 2014

Last year I only had a few loganberries before the birds got them and I don't think I had a ripe one. I bagged a few (in the picture) but don't want to try them until they are ripe. Should the berries turn purple when they are ripe? Images of them on the internet vary between red and purple.

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Logans turn a dark red when ripe, when overripe may become somewhat purplish. One in your photo is half-ripe. A better indication than color of ripeness is ease of pull and slight separation of the berry from the stem.

Some Internet images may not have accurate color for various technical reasons.

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Thank you for the feedback. The darkest berry in the picture is actually more purple than it shows in the attached picture but you were quite correct about the color variations from internet pictures including mine. I went ahead and ate the ripest one this morning and want to report that you are two for two... it wasn't ripe yet... :-). It was difficult to pull from the stem, despite it looking ripe. I'll let the others stay on longer and report back.

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