Gooseberry sawfly- any remedy?

galinas(5B)June 16, 2014

I just discovered , that I have Gooseberry sawfly on my gooseberry bushes. Several branches lost all the leaves in less then 24 hours. If I do not spray tomorrow morning, I may loose the rest. The problem is, I do not have BT and I can't buy it in the store near me, and to order it online will be too late. I need something I can buy tomorrow in HD or Lowes. Any suggestions? It was going to be a bummer crop this year(. And the stupid birds just ignore the larva, they steal earth worms from my compost pile(.

Looks like I have Sevin at home, but not sure how to dilute it - 3 oz per gallon as they listed it for fruit, or 1.5 how it is listed for all the rest?

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I've got the same problem, but most of my bushes are defoliated- they move quick. I tried the manual removal (mushing them one by one) early in the year, but even killing dozens of worms per bush is a losing battle.

From what I've read, BT will not kill them, as they are not true caterpillars. Spinosad and insecticidal soaps are what I see commonly mentioned.

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has dealt with them successfully.

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You are going to have to read your labels; I don't think a BT strain has been developed yet to control sawflies.

Birds do not eat these pests, but certain wasps do, if you see any wasps patrolling around the gooseberries, they are beneficial. Some wasps can detect eaten leaves from a great distance.

Repeated and heavy spraying by mid-spring is about the only effective control, once an infestation has occurred, future covering of the plants will not help as next year's flies are already pupating in the soil beneath the plants.

My gooseberry plant is currently half-defoliated, as are others in the neighborhood.

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What puzzles me is where it came from and why this year. I have my garden at this location from 2007. I bought the plants currently infected in 2009. I bought them half-price, because they were defoliated!) . So that was first time I saw it without leaves. And since that time - for 5 years - no issues at all. This year it started with my miniature pine tree(growing problem-less since 2007). It lost about all its needles, but I didn't pay much attention why. And now it is on Gooseberry. From what I found in the internet, the pests are Pine sawfly and Gooseberry sawfly. But why they suddenly appeared this year? Are they the same bugs, or conditions of this year juts favorable for pests in this family?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I've replied on your other thread. But as to where it comes from - I find it comes and goes. About 10 years ago it nearly defoliated my Gooseberries but hasn't recurred since (fingers crossed).

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