TangOs Peach/NJ16

kingwood(9)June 25, 2013

Tasted the only Tangos donut peach that the squirrels didn't get. It was very good and super sweet. Had just turned yellow, so it wasn't all the way ripe, but afraid the squirrels would get it too. They have been bursting thru my netting.

Best donut peach I have had, but I had only tasted store donuts. If you live in the South, this one is worth having.......no disease issues and it loves this humidity and heat. No problems with chill hours.

Also harvested a few Honey Blaze nectarines. These were the only ones left from squirrel raid. Got them before they were ripe also. They were good, but not as good as they are when closer to ripe. Squirrels ate all of Honey Royale. I sprayed them this year and had no problems with rot.

This is our third straight year of drought and some of my citrus has started to abort fruit.

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Thanks for the report!!

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