Any ideas what is killing my pear tree?

Schlemoc(5)June 4, 2013


Below is a photo of my pear tree leaf up close. The tree was planted last year and came back very healthy. It's a honey sweet pear tree from Stark nursery (with hold any bashing, as I'm intrigued to see how it turns out, hopefully). There are these spots over many of the leaves, which are then withering and almost drying out. Some of them have black spots all over it too. I'm hoping this won't kill the tree, but there is quite a bit on it. I also killed a white moth like bug on it while taking these pictures of that helps. Any identification / solutions would be appreciated, as I think I see this on some of the other established pears, but not as severe.

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Here's a shot of the entire tree. I'm not sure if you can see the various stages it with the photo or not.

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I believe it's called Pearleaf blister mites. I have them on both Asian and Euro pears. I attached the info here for you.

Thanks to Scott Smith's advice. I sprayed mine with wettable sulfur +sticker (I used Bonide Turbo Spreader+sticker) for now. This is my first year spraying because it's getting to be more problem for me.

Next year at bud swell, I'll spray my pear trees with Lime Sulfur spray.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pearleaf blister mites

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Any idea where I can get that Bonide? Lowes/Home Depot/Walmart? I'll have to get the trees sprayed down here shortly. I've never sprayed before. I was hoping to have more of a holistic approach. but I want the trees to have a chance.

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Anything you can't find in your local area, you need to order on line. I found Turbo Spreader/Sticker locally but had to order wettable sulfur on line.

Also, another sticker called NuFilm 17 may have a better sticking power but it more expensive.

I honestly feel that almost all of us want to use the safest products we can find on our fruit.

By all account sulfur is a safer choice than heavy duty chemical that do the same job.

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valgor(4b, WI)

You have pearleaf blister mite. Same problems on my trees last year. Sprayed with dormant oil before bud break. Trees are much better this year, leaves a healthy green. still have some sign of this pest, but nowhere near the extent they were.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Same here...its nasty if you don't get it under control. I sprayed dormant sulfur and have continued to spray Neem every few weeks... Trees look 100% better then last year.

Its weird, but my huge Seckel tree has no issues with them...i've never sprayed it with anything.

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