Paw Paw leaves turning black

ribs1June 6, 2012


I received 2 small paw paw trees a few weeks ago from one green world and planted them in pots. I used a mix of about 70% peat, 10% pine bark and 20% native soil. I have been watering every few days.

Today I noticed some of the leaves turning black on the edges. Is this transplant shock? Too much sunlight? Wrong potting mix?

Please help


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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

Were they bare root or in pots when you got them? Did they have leaves when you got them? If they leafed out in the sun, I would guess it's not too much sunlight. If they had leaves when you got them, they may be sensitive to the sun, depending on the conditions at One Green World.

I bought a potted paw paw from One Green World several years ago. I planted it in the ground after a few days, in a sunny spot, and it was OK. I recall the potting mix was mostly pine bark, but the mix you made should be OK.


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These were potted plants and already leafed out. Will they recover? Should I give them more shade?

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How tall are they? Pawpaws cannot tolerate direct sunlight for the first year or so. If they're under about 2 feet tall, you should keep them in shade at all times.

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