Shineseiki leaves yellowing

PLINKING.40(zone 9)June 2, 2014

Hey Folks, I just planted a pear tree in a raised planter box last week end, and all looked Great, and green and perky, but just got home tonight and noticed a leave dropped, and a few are starting to turn yellow in the veins in the center, and a few were brown and crispy, i have had temps up here in Zone 9, in the high 80*, and a good breeze, I have checked the water of the soil , and it packes in my hand, from 7" down, and I did Fert, 10-10-10, after i replanted it from the 5 gal, pot it came in, dont see any critters, (bugs), and , but it has been getting direct sun from day one, I thought it might be from taking it from a semi shaded garden area from the outside store into full sun and wind, or is it just going to be to hot for it in my Zone.? can't move the big Bugger Now..To late, Could shade it with mesh, if that's it...or is it +/- water.? Help.!..after all the work don't wantto loose it this Freaking Soon...ARRRGGG.!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Pears will take a lot of heat when well rooted. Right now it's probably not getting enough water. Only the original rootball has functioning roots. You will need to regularly, every two days max, rewet that rootball until it can grow roots outside that area.

Next time skip the fertilizer at planting. That can burn the roots and could be this plants issue depending on how much was applied and where.

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PLINKING.40(zone 9)

Thanks fruitnut, I just sprinkled a very lite amount way out side the rootball, like the bag destructions said,


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PLINKING.40(zone 9)

uno mas

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