Wild Blackberry Question

novagrdnr7aJune 26, 2012

I've found two very different varieties of berries growing in my local woods and was looking for some help with identification. In simplest terms one tastes delicious--juicy and sweet and only mildly seedy. The other is awful--no matter how ripe the fruit it's so horribly sour and seedy and has an odd metallic aftertaste. The good ones grow on erect canes of a light green color, are maybe four feet high and have only small thorns. The bad ones grow on long arching canes of a tan-gray color and I'd estimate are six to eight feet long with thorns probably half an inch in size. Thanks for any help !

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One is probably a blackberry and one a black raspberry. The ones with the silvery new canes are the black raspberry. Blackberry canes old enough to bear fruit will have ridges in them. They also tend to be seedier.

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A reasonable ID by calliope. If true, the blackberry will pick off as a solid fruit and the black raspberry will be hollow when picked.

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