No new black raspberry canes from crown

GhadamesJune 10, 2014

I have a black raspberry plant that was planted two years ago. This year, there are flowers on last year's cane. However, I cannot seem to find any new canes growing from the crown, which I find really strange.

The plant looks healthy, nothing wrong with it. Is there anything I can do to stimulate new growth? I did put fertilizer in early spring.

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There is still hope for a Canadian plant to sprout protocanes, but time is running short. Two years is too soon for a blackcap clump to go into decline.

If there is only have a single cane after two years, the planting is off to a slow start. I would give it one more year.

Nothing you can do (cutting down the fruiting cane might shock it into sprouting a new cane, but that would be unsatisfactory).

I wouldn't rely on a single clump of caneberries for long-term harvest; always have two of any one variety. I have kept my blackcaps going for over 10 years by allowing some canes to tip root. I only have one of the four original clumps still producing, all other canes are from previous tip-roots, and I have never had to buy a new plant.

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So there's really nothing I can do? I really don't want to cut off the fruiting cane. I'd rather buy another one if it dies.

I have no new cane tips to cut. I don't understand why it doesn't shoot a new cane. Doesn't want to survive? lol It looks all good and healthy, too!

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

It is strange. My black raspberry plant is fine. I guess blacks are a little more sensitive. I can report that Allen black raspberry took 13 nights below zero, three nights were double digit down to -14 degrees F. Only a small amount of the tips on floricanes died. Like an inch or two.
So you may want to look into that cultivar.
Here is a photo from the 4th of this month. One of 4 floricanes. The plant is amazing.

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Many of my blacks started late this year. Some of the new canes are still only 4 or 5 inches tall. If you are north of me, and you are, I'd give it another couple weeks. It was a crazy cold spring, But it is getting late.

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