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Noogy(6 sw mi)June 3, 2013

I'm finishing up some grafting now that the bark is slipping and some of my scions have awaken about a 1/4 inch. I'm still planning on using this material since it's clean, and applying some oily wax to bud to slow down dessication. Has anyone had any luck with pears and the like? I presume the smaller and less awaken the tissue, the better. I also plan on wrapping them well and cutting the opening as it pushes.

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I graft onto my pear tree at the same time I graft apples, and in the same way. I have 8 varieties on my Bartlett tree, and added two more this spring. The two added this spring have started and look really well. (Flemish Beauty and Clapp's)

In the first years of the Bartlett blooming (five years ago), I had to drive down country roads looking for a wild tree to pollinate the Bartlett. In 2011, our banner year of fruit production here in Michigan, I canned 30 quarts of Bartlett--still eating them now. The Harrow Delight has borne fruit for several years, and the Orcas had fruit in 2011. My other grafts are too young to bear yet--but maybe, next year! But no more scouring the neighborhood for blossoms to pollinate. And the bees love this tree.

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