SoCal mango tree updates?

shaneatwell(sunset 23)June 13, 2013

I will be planting three or four mangoes this coming spring. Ive read several good threads here regarding varieties. Most of the posts discussed plans, purchases or recent plantings with a few from long time growers like mangodog. Are there any updates from all those plantings in 2005 and 2011?

Im leaning towards ataulfo, alphonso and haden based on flavor, lack of fiber and vigorous growth. Lots of poor clay soil here in inner carlsbad. Will also try several ataulfo from seed. Id like to space the seasons out but would rather have a healthy crop from a fast grower than a stingy, straggly, slow growing or frozen dead tree.

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This is my ataulfo. I've had it for several years but last year is the first time I got fruit. Dogs ate the one and only surviving mango, though. This time, I fed it fish several times in the preceding year. I buried heads and used an emulsion. The fruit at the bottom right is about the size of a walnut. That is the biggest and the other ones all over the tree fall in somewhere between the other fruit pictured.

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Thanks for the thread and the pic. It's impressive to see that folks are growing mango successfully in your area.

But I do have to admit to some satisfaction at seeing what I'm assuming is cold damage on the edges of some leaves. Satisfaction because here in zone 6 there are so many things that get killed back by the winters that I always need a reminder that where ever you are, even Southern California, there are things that are challenging to grow.

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