First Emerald Drop!

Puggylover Zone 9B Norco, CAJune 25, 2012

Okay Mr. Fruitnut.......Picked the first Emerald drop brix was 21, semi crispy, sweet, and juicy with a sour apple like skin. I think I am going to love this this fruit. Could only get better right?

I also picked my last Cot n Candy and brix was 24. Fruit was completely ripe, skin was a little thick for my liking though.


How did I do Mr. Fruit!:)

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


A 24 brix is very good for Cot-N-Candy. That's about the best I've gotten. Robada will run that high under optimum conditions. The sweetest apricot I've measured was some Golden Sweet this year that ran 26. I think higher is possible but I've yet to get the water low enough that early in the year. Next year I'm flooding in the fall to recharge the soil profile and then not water until the trees quit growing in spring. In the past I've flooded in winter and carried too much water too late into spring.

My Emerald Drop last year ran 17-24. I've never been all that fond of that fruit. My favorite pluot in that harvest period is Geo Pride.

I'd say you are doing great!!!!

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