Yoshino Cherry Tree spots?

lschinaiaJune 15, 2012

Hi Guys,

I really need help. I bought two cherry trees for my yard and they have small pin sized holes in them at the store. I assumed it was bug damage, and one of them after planting got better (Kwanzan) but the Yoshino is just drooping and full of holes. The leaves are turning yellow and most are just full of holes. I read it might be shothole disease, how do I treat this? I bought a tree bug treatment not knowing what it was and it didn't help one bit.

Does any fungicide work for this disease? I can post a picture soon but it's basically small holes all over the leaves that are brown around the outside of the hole. I am afraid I am losing my tree and the drought here is not helping. I water it every chance I get but I don't want it to die. The Kwanzan still has holes but it looks much better than the Yoshino.

Can the larger trees in my yard catch this fungus?

Please help!


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