Newbie cherry fungus questions

bosphorusJune 2, 2012

Hi everyone. I live in NYC and I got a free Montmorency Cherry Tree from the city in April. Now about 40% of the leaves are covered in yellow spots. Based on some reading here, I bought some Captan and Immunox. There are no flowers on the tree anymore but a few (two?) cherries. Is now any okay time to apply fungicide?

However the directions and warnings about the Captan scared me. I get the part about not injesting but how do we make the paste without any touching our skins or without inhaling any? It makes it sound like if you inhale a tiny bit, you will stop breathing.

Should we try washing the leaves with dish soap or taking off the affected leaves first? I hate to introduce something so toxic if other things might work... but the problem is getting exponentially worse (it just started about 2 weeks ago and is now almost half the tree) and I don't want the tree to die.

Thanks in advance from a newbie gardener.

Elizabeth laffected leaves first?

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Don't succumb to alarmism about fungicides, just take reasonable precautions. You might post a photo of your problem to help identification. No use spraying anything until you know what it is.

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Thanks. Yes I admit the warnings made me feel alarmist. :) I will try to post some photos here. I think this link should work.

Thanks -

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of cherry tree

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