Triple Crown Canes sprouting from roots

Fred_1933(7b)June 2, 2013

Some of my Triple crowns plants have the new Premocanes (next years canes) coming up a few feet from the crown. There are no canes sprouting at the plants crown. I think this is called plant rooting and not a good sign. I have one Triple Crown plant that already have 6 foot premocranes which sprouted just two weeks ago. I wish my other TP plants look so vigorous.

NOTE: I notice I have a mole or two working in my blackberry patch. Will Moles harm the roots on blackberry plants?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

No...probably just eating worms..

Triple Crown is invasive in my opinion...almost impossible to kill (trust me, i've tried fro the last 3 years, and its come back every time)...i dig out the roots, yet still there is enough there to resprout.

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My Triple Crowns did the same. Large Primocanes from the center and some from last yrs growth of canes along the ground. I have cut the tall canes back to 7 ft. It is like I have several new plants in the bed. Can it get too thick?

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It shouldn't be coming up from the roots unless the roots have been damaged or exposed somehow. It's very suspicious that nothing is coming up from the crown. Are you sure you didn't get a mislabeled plant? Maybe one of the erect Arkansas varieties?

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Mine have sent up a few weak suckers from the roots this year. But the main clumps are still sending up strong new shoots.

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