Champange Currants - Nothing to Toast about

piman25(5)June 26, 2012

I have two champagne currant bushes that I have had zero luck with. For two years they have produced fruit - looking very promising and the next thing you know they are dried up and crusty looking.

They are planted on the north side of the house and they are well composted.

Can anyone give me an idea?

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I grow 'Champagne' currants as well. Mine are planted in full sun on the south side of my orchard. Too much shade? They really 'sweeten-up' in full sun. They also look as if they need water.

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Thanks. They are watered well and get quite a bit of sun. I may have to transplant them elsewhere.

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Mine planted along the fence to the east. Got plenty of morning and afternoon sun. Berries are sweet.

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