Is my blueberry bush growing wacky?

tina_twoJune 25, 2014

Hi! First time posting here. I bought a blueberry plant from Lowes last year and it's been doing really well. I put coffee grounds and alfalfa in there. This year I got a good amount of fruit.

Recently my blueberry had been growing foliage again but only off to one side. It gets a full days worth of morning sun. Thinking it was the lighting I rotated the pot, but it hasn't changed the growth.

It's also straggly looking? The canes are so long and tall I had to support it with sticks. Does this look normal? Should I prune it? If so, where? Is the pot too small?


p.s. Ignore my sad little dying tomato.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd prune off about half the top. Take off that small stuff down low and cut back as much as needed of the big stuff on top. Take out the crossing branches and make it more compact. Then pinch back the regrowth to keep the top somewhat compact and balanced.

If you apply plenty of alfalfa it will regrow all you cut off and more. The new growth will bear plenty of fruit next year. In fact if it grows well this summer you'll probably need to shorten or remove part of the small shoots early next spring when it starts blooming. The purpose of the spring pruning is to produce larger, sweeter fruit and avoid over bearing.

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Thanks Fruitnut! I happen to have some alfalfa on hand too. Will do that this weekend!

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