Honeycrisp Apple Tree

als5kids2June 9, 2013

We planted a honey crisp apple tree 6 years ago, the first year it blossomed and had a good amount but not too many apples. Since then it has not blossomed at all, we bought another one about 2 years later. That one has never blossomed. We have a crab apple tree about 30 ft. away and it has bloomed every year. It gets new shoots and has had a lot of growth otherwise. We would like apples from it again, is there something we need to be doing?

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honeycrisp are a pita. I have the same issue with them. do you know what rootstock they are on? have you been pruning them or training the branches. whereabouts in mn are you I'm near Brainerd

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alan haigh

I consider Honeycrisp a pretty easy apple to get flowering, but I'm in southeast NY. Have you pruned the trees at all?

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This similar topic was discussed recently. You may have some ideas after checking out the post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honey Crisp tree does not bloom

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I'm about 25 miles north of Brainerd in MN and my Honeycrisp are my slowest growing apple tree. Part of that may be that it is a zone 4 tree and most of the rest of my trees are zone 3. I'm not getting any dieback, but the growth is SLOW. No blossoms yet.

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I started planting apple trees in 2009. 50 trees that year, 5 varieties all on semi-D. 25 the next. 25 the next.

Last year frost got the blossoms on everything except a few plum trees.

This year almost every apple tree over 3 years old, including numerous ones that never had flowers before, are loaded with blossoms. I've been thinning like crazy.

So, for me in central MN, it took 5 years including an extra year due to frost. I have 25 two year old honeycrisp that seem to be doing well but did not flower this year.

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franktank232(z5 WI)


You're going to be drowning in apples in a few years!

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"You're going to be drowning in apples in a few years! "

T hope so. add 75 cherry trees to the mix. this year also the 1st time bearing for most of them.

My tentative plan is to have a pick your own operation as a retirement hobby/income a couple of years from now. since the trees take so long to start bearing it's taken a lot of advance work,

I figure I've learned about 10% of what I need to know so far with most of the education coming from this forum.

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