Need help with bush cherry.

galinas(5B)June 22, 2014

I planted two bush cherries this spring - Carmine Jewel and Crimson Passion. They are planted on a slightly raised bed on a hill. Sun comes there around 10-11 AM and stays till end of the day, which is around 6 PM. They planted 5 feet apart in the location that never had fruit trees before. No weeds around. On the north side there is a big shed covering them from the north wind.
They started very well, and grew up twice since April when I planted them.
Yesterday, I found few yellow leaves on both of them. The leaves also have some spots, so I assume it is leaf spot and I need to spray them. But also the leaf end dies first, like it is burned. Anyway, I am going to spray them tomorrow with Immunox, but what else I can I do to support their health? They generally do not look same happy as at the very beginning. I keep soil moist. Soil is a former vegetable garden bed soil. Should I apply some fertilizer? I did applied lime before planting, but may be I need to check the soil acidity again? If needed, is it OK to apply lime now? What else could be done here? Pictures bellow

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Any chance of posting images?

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Can't upload images at the moment - my cable modem died at home and I only can access internet from work, but can't upload pictures here. It may get fixed tomorrow, I will try to upload.

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Here are the pictures:

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And close up photo.
I know what to do for the leaf spot. What I don't understand is why it started. The weather is dry, my other sour cherry on the other side of the house is not affected(or affected really a little - I found couple leaves with spots in whole 5 years old tree). Looks like there is something in condition they are growing in... Or in the plants from the nursery. If conditions are not correct - the bushes are still very small and I can replant them in better spots, I just thought where they are - is a best spot for them.

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