Angel Red Pomegranate tree

purovargas(8)June 15, 2012

Anyone ever tasted an Angel Red pomegranate? I just bought one here in San Antonio, TX and I read on-line that it is a new variety that is considered a gourmet variety. I already have a pomegranate tree that I posted in a different post that was supposed to be a Parfianka pomegranate and it turned out to be a sweet pomegranate variety, I wonder how these all differ from each other.

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Angel Red tastes very similar to the Pom Wonderful variant that is sold in stores. The plant is very vigorous, probably more vigorous than Wonderful, and ripens about a month earlier than Wonderful. I grow a number of pomegranates at my home in Phoenix.

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So what variety has the most unique flavor of pomegranates?

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Depends on your palate. Parfianka, Sin Pepe, Desertnyi all have distinct, but very good flavors. Utah Sweet is kinda bland.

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What about the sweet variety? I was sent one by mistake and I hope it tastes delicious. When I was buying the Angel Red the garden store also sold another variety called Austin, the pick showed a giant but butt ugly pomegranate.

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I wonder if I made a mistake purchasing the Angel Red, some people say it takes a couple of years to produce fruit, this sweet I planted in February produced two fruits and it was only about two feet tall when I planted it.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Our Angel Red is still small, planted from bareroot this year. But pretty and a few flowers

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