strawberry plant stunted

flowerg(3b MN)June 26, 2013

I have a large strawberry bed and about half of the plants are stunted and look like they are slowly drying up. These plants look like mini plants next to the healthy ones. Any help or information on this issue would be very much appreciated. Thank you

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I'd guess that those mini plants are on runners that the plant sends out to grow more. If theyre drying out, they may not have been able to take root in the soil.

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flowerg(3b MN)

These plants aren't the new runners. These plants are compact looking, actually rather thick looking. The leaves are drying on the edges. The berries even are starting on them but they too look small, like very small. They don't look healthy at all. I have very big and healthy looking ones in the same garden so I'm thinking I should dig these sick looking ones out, or should I try saving them with something?

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