Peach Tree in Summer AZ, Please Help!!!!

MrThomas85June 27, 2012

Please Help, I have had my Peach Tree since March. It was in a 24inch box and had lots of fruit!!! Now going into June with extreme heat up to 115 degrees every day. It looks like the peach tree is dying..... I have been deep watering every other day the whole month of June. But it still looks like it is dying!!!! Please help!!! I don't know if I am watering to much or not enough... Every time I water I fill the Well up, Is this right????

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

A peach tree like it a little dry in your area 5 gallons once a week is all water peach can take. Peach drowns easy. If you think tree needs water ever other day give it a quart water no more.

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I water mine once a week. Also, you have no mulch around the tree. Big no no here in phx. Overwatering is the #1 cause of death in phx, not sun and heat.

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You can't really compare the water needs of a newly planted tree with those of an established one. Some of my new trees have needed watering every day, while older established ones need only a couple waterings per YEAR in my cooler climate. Overwatering is really a function of the soil. If you still have a puddle around the tree an hour after you've watered, you probably have poor drainage that could certainly kill the plant in a hurry.

I hate to sound negative, but from your pic it is already too late. Stop wasting water, and try a new peach tree after you figure out if you have a drainage problem and how to fix it.

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Thanks, the problem is this is still a newly planted tree as of about 4 months ago. So I just am kind of confuse of "HOW" and exactly "HOW MUCH" to water a new 24inch box Peach Tree in the extreme heat....

SO last year I planted a 15 gallon around the same time. It also looked just like the 24inch "dead" but for some reason this year doing the summer it looks pretty great!!! And again this is why I am totally confuse now...

The following is a picture of my 15 gallon I planted last year.

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