Ripe but Sour peach

lateriserJune 23, 2012

Greetings everyone,

First I would like to thank everyone on here for helping me get this far. The last couple years that I have been using this forum have led to results in the orchard that were far greater than the previous years. Now on to my last hurtle to getting great peaches. One of my peach trees is just now ripening. I can't remember the variety, but I bought it from Lowes. Today, I picked my first peach and it was soft and dripping juicy, but the fruit was completely sour. There was no tartness and the color of the peach was almost entirely red with some yellow. Should I expect the other peaches on the tree to taste the same? Is there some sort of problem with my soil? Can I change anything that would help the other peaches on the tree taste sweeter this year?

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alan haigh

First, don't panic yet. Sometimes first fruit ripens because of some defection and it did not actually properly ripen. Come back when half the fruit has ripened and let us know what it tastes like.

I don't think sour would be the result of anything you are doing, you can be responsible for bland fruit with a variety of mistakes but sour is different. I think you will find subsequent fruit to be fine.

I don't think Lowe's would be selling anything other than mainstream varieties, all of which are selected partially on the ability to produce sweet peaches.

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Thanks, Harvestman. I am going to hold out and see what happens. Hopefully, the rest will come out sweet.

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Vanilla ice cream was invented to accommodate slices of sour peaches.

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