Blueberry Plants Pics

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)July 20, 2012

Well since were alittle over half way through the growing season now I figured its a good time post some updated blueberry pics. Here in Houston its been a very wet spring and summer to date. Complete opposite of last summer when we were experinceing drought conditions like our neighbors up north. Ive expanded my collection of varieties quite a bit and Im really excited about tasting all the different varieties next year.

16 plants here from FHN. All Southern High Bush. Pics are right after planting in April. Varieties are Primadonna, Jewel, Emerald, Abundance, Scintilla, Sharpblue, Sunshine Blue, Spring High, Windsor, Gulfcoast, Misty, Snow Chaser

Same plants as of yesterday

Austin Rabbiteye

Alapaha Rabbiteye

Bluegem Rabbiteye

Beckyblue Rabbiteye. Prunned hard after fruiting

Brightwell Rabbiteye. Prunned hard after fruiting

Woodard Rabbiteye. Prunned hard aswell

Emerald SHB

Southmoon SHB

Bountiful Blue SHB

Windsor SHB

Sunshine Blue SHB

Gulfcoast SHB

Sweetcrisp SHB

FHN Uknown Variety

Tupi and Kiowa Black berries

Thats all I got man! Lets see some more pics!!!!!

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bennylafleur(6 E. Tn.)

Blueboy, thanks for the pix, I am impressed, the potted plants really changed a lot in 3 months. Motivates me to give mine more attention to get more growth out of them.


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Great pictures thanks for posting!

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Beautiful, healthy plants!! They look fantastic!

Have you thought about clipping clipping the longer branches back? I cut a wheelbarrow full of lanky limbs off of mine the other day........the plants recover quickly this time of year and are much better prepared for berries next spring. The hot weather really takes a toll on the plants, some of the leavs on my plants have a slight sunburn on them.


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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Yeah, they really look great? Nice going. I could take a lesson from your pruning. I've got 5, 2nd year plants in containers. They are growing well, but all over the place. I'll probably post some pictures soon looking for pruning suggestions. Again...well done!

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They look great! You might want to use turnbuckles on your blackberry wires to make them more taught.

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Thanks for the replies! RM, I have been tipping a lot and cut back all the plants after they fruited. The smaller emerald and one of the sweet crisp need to trimmed back a little. I will probably do that tonight. Emeralds branches are thick enough that the probably don't need it but some of them make it hard to water with out getting it on the leafs.

The black berries need a dead man on both ends of the trellis. The 4x4 posts on the ends are leaning a little too far and every time I tighten the wires they pull in more.

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