Would shade cloth deter japanese beetles?

lsohJuly 6, 2012

Once again this year, japanese beetles are devastating my fruit. I've applied grub killer to the lawn. I've sprayed trees with sevin, skipping those that are currently fruiting, and I manually chase after them at least twice a day. Last year they took every last leaf off my cherry tree. This year, to my surprise, they are eating my blueberries. Not just the leaves, they are hanging out on the berry clusters and chowing down. (I thought I was having some sort of cherry like cracking problem until today when the blueberry clusters were dark with hords of japanese beetles.)

If I wrapped the plants with shade cloth, would that deter the beetles, or just give them a place to hide?

If I did apply shade cloth, how would that impact the sweetness of whatever blueberries are left?

Any other suggestions?


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Tulle is good for this and it doesn't overshade the plants.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have tulle on my baby cherry trees right now, the june beetles were eating them to death. Get all the beetles off first and wrap so there is no entry point at all. If you can't totally wrap its probably not worth it.


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Well, yes, if you do it right, any physical barrier with a fine enough mesh will keep them out. You would need to make sure that whatever system you rig up doesn't have large gaps or holes where they could get through.

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Long as you wrap them up completely it will work.

I recommend screen door mesh from your local hardware store, its *MUCH* cheaper, and does just as good of a job.

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