How to get rid of wild raspberry plants?

Cricket_Love(4b)July 14, 2012

They are taking over our yard, AND our neighbors. How can we get rid of them? We've chopped them off below the soil surface. Removed as much of the plant/roots as we can. They will pop up 30 feet away form the closest plant. Are we doomed?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Round Up should do it, you need green leaves before applying.

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Konrad is right about the Round-Up or other brands of glyphosate. They take a little while to die... but they do die. If you are concerned about not killing the lawn too, go with 2-4 D.
Wild raspsberries can be tough, but usually 2 sprayings will get the job done even with 2-4 D.

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