Northline Serviceberry

Bradybb WA-Zone8July 9, 2014

I purchased 10 Northline seedlings from Burnt Ridge Nursery about two years ago and this year,one plant had a few fruit for the first time.The taste was pretty sweet,a little seedy but not too bad.I left one on the bush and picked it,probably at its peak and was sweeter than some of my best Blueberries.I recommend this variety if they can be grown in your area.
I'd also like to try some others like Honeywood,Lee,Martin and Thiessen.
I bought a Smoky because lucky_p talked highly of them.To me though,they had kind of a raw grassy taste.I let them ripen really well,but the flavor didn't beat the Northline.Others that tried them liked the Northline more also.I ended up giving the plant away.Hopefully the taste will improve with age. Brady

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I tried Northline at a friends and purchased one myself. But I'm growing it my cottage and conditions are tough there. It survived the winter, but is not really growing. I brought home from my cottage two Carmine Jewell's and glad I did, they have doubled in size since spring. I'm moving from here, and so will leave it there. The Carmine Jewell's are in pots.
The only tree I have had luck with is Cornus Mas at my cottage. Variegated elderberries doing well too. Honeyberries are doing OK there too.
It appears Northline is the best! I would like to add Autumn Brilliance for it's ornamental value, not sure if the berries are decent?
I would be curious if any others that are decent? And where to get them!!

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The short story is you should go with Smoky (Smokey). They are sweet and flavorful with good production. If you want tartness in the fruit then choose a different variety because Smoky are sweet and have no hint of tartness.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

That implies that Northline is tart tasting and it isn't,at least not the the berries I tried,not at all.
I grew them where I work and the Smoky at home in a container.The coworkers that tried Northline,liked it better than Smoky.I'd not say Smoky is tart,just that I liked the other one's flavor more.
I'm not sure about the other varieties I mentioned,but some have very good descriptions about flavor and the way Northline was described on different sites,I think is fitting.
What has your experience been with other named ones,all tart?I'm really interested in finding out what other people think who actually had tried them. Thanks,Brady
Here's some info about some of them from Honeyberry USA

Here is a link that might be useful: Saskatoon Chart

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