Thinning Asian pears

HeyJude2012(10b/24 San Diego)July 7, 2013

Hi everyone! I bought a semi dwarf Asian pear tree last year. I cant remember what kind. It's either Shinseiki or Hosui. (not sure of spelling) After I bought it, I read that you need to have two in order to have them pollinated. My tree took forever to start leafing out. I actually thought it was dead and the very day I went to take it back to the nursery, it popped out a couple of leaflets. It flowered nicely. Not a lot of blooms but they all got pollinated and now I have seven baby pears all on the same branch. I wasn't expecting to have any fruit. I had so many blossoms on my apple tree and not one single one turned into an apple.

Anyways, do I cut some off? Leave it alone? If I do cut some off, how do I pick which ones? Does it matter?

The tree is putting out new blossoms now. I've never had any experience with this type of tree before so I am worried I will not take care of it correctly.

I would appreciate any advice. Thank you! Jude

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I have two of those trees that I planted last year. One of them bloomed twelve or more flowers at every bud on the tree. I had over 500 pears on one little tree! Anyway I thinned mine to one per cluster. I read that you should not have more than one every six inches on the tree. You need to stake these tree too. They are very limber for the first three or four years. Mine just about bent in half. I had it tied from last year with just twine. It rotted and broke in the wind. Then heavy rain bent the tree over. Thankfully it didn't break. Growing fruit will slow the growth of the tree too.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Absolutely thin. And don't get a pollinator variety unless you really want another fruit. It will just make the thinning job worse or maybe not because it already sets way too much.

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HeyJude2012(10b/24 San Diego)

Thank you to both of you!!!

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