Surround (Kaolin Clay) Leaf Coverage

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)July 7, 2013

Did my first spray of Surround last week on my blueberry plants. The only variety that didnt bead up on the leafs was Snowchaser. The rest of the plants beaded up pretty good when sprayed. My question is would a couple of drops of liquid dish soap in the solution solve this problem with out harming the leafs?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Thats what I sometimes do on plums. I have never used it on blueberries. I use insecticidal soap at a rate of about a tsp per gallon. Most of the time I don't use it since the coverage usually ends up being good enough but if there is too much beading I throw the soap in.


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Blueboy, I can't offer any help regarding surround. It would be good to know more about it if the need ever arose.

At the risk of going off topic, may I ask which insect you are battling on your BB? Also, I wasn't aware that you were into organic controls, so it would be interesting to read your thoughts on the matter.

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Thanks Scott.

Clint, I got it to help control Thrips and help growth due to heat stress. Ive been fighting them for 3 years now. I had a few this Feb when bloom was going on but they have since left with no sign of them at all this year. Usually I have a few this time of year and by Aug, Sept Im over run with them. This year they may give me a break but Im not taking any chances. Ive been trying to control them in the past with Spinosad and had decent luck as long as I kept spraying new growth every two weeks. Problem is that it was pretty hard on the beneficials aswell. Ive had good luck so far with organics and blueberries. Im lucky to be able to use Microlife Fert. Its only available in the Houston area as far as I know and is the only fert Ive ever used on my Blues and they absolutly love it.

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Blueboy, I like your approach. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking to go fully organic with BB soon. My approach is pretty much organic with everything else. Microlife products are not available here. Our regional favorite brand here is Gro-Power (it's not certified organic as the company doesn't want to pay the fees).

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shazaam(NC 7B)

Thanks for bringing this up, blueboy. I noticed stem damage last year that I suspected might be thrip caused, and I'm also seeing a lot of mealybug and leafhopper activity this year. I have some Surround on hand already, so I might as well try it.

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