Cherry Canker

yawineyJuly 4, 2013

My Utah giant has had 1 canker on it since early spring. i got it bare root this winter. It is close to my other cherries and has been the most vigourous of the 4. The crevice grew slowly thru the season and now has stopped. No new ooze and it even has some new wood healing around it.
Is it too late in the season to do something about it?
Has anyone heard of caterizing it with a blow torch for 20 seconds?
Will it come back when it gets wet out again? And is it likely to spread to the others?
Thanx in advance for any help.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Not likely that your other trees would be infected from the tree in question. The organism that causes this is everywhere just waiting for an injury or any opening to take hold.

I won't treat my tree with a blow torch. It would kill the organisms in the wound if it got hot deep enough. But it would also kill more tissue. I don't see that helping but could be wrong.

Spraying with copper is sometimes recommended. But the extent to which this can help is unclear to me.

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Thanks fruitnut. I'll hold off on the blow torch idea. I'm hoping that it will heal all the way. Still wondering if it is more likely to come back when it gets wet in the fall. It is good to know that it needs to start from an opening and won't just pop out of anywhere.
Thanks again.

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