Do I need to thin my pomegranate fruits?

sandiego4sJuly 11, 2013

My pomegranate is three years old. It had one fruit the first year, four fruits last year. This year, it seems that the tree is going to hold more than 20 fruits. I want the tree to be as healthy as possible, should I thin its fruits.

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I've been around pomegranate trees my whole life and have never seen one thinned or seen one in need of thinning.

Now there are all kinds of trendy selections from cr@pistan with unpronounceable names, but the tried and true varieties do not need thinning. I can't speak to the new 3rd world designer poms.

Poms do generally take a few years to get productive. Hang in there.

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Thanks Mr Clint, glad to know that I can keep all those fruits.

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

Yesterday I was looking at bunch of pom cuttings I took in Feb. and was shocked to see that a tiny twig of a cutting, 8 inches long and not much thicker than of tooth pick not only had leaves, but is now flowering!!!

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