Everbearing raspberry plant

neptune24July 25, 2012

I planted an everbearing raspberry plant last summer. It grew pretty well, but no berries. This year, it had 3-4 berries a month ago, and that's it. Is that normal?

Incidentally, I planted a Taylor raspberry in March, and it's growing like a weed. No berries, but I assume that's OK. Should I trim it at all?

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That's pretty normal to have only a light crop on fall-bearing raspberries, and especially on a new planting. The heavier production is in the autumn on the primocanes, with only lighter production on most varieties the following season on floricanes.

As far as trimming goes, only if needed for size control or if you want to trim out the growing tip to promote branching.

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Thanks, denninmi. I have a couple of questions:

1) Everbearing = fall-bearing?

2) Do everbearing raspberries have both "primocanes" and "floricanes" (whatever those are)? :)

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Primocanes are this years green growth.Next year they will be hard and brown and called Floricanes.

Everbearing raspberries have fruit on the top half of the primocanes this year and bottom half on the floricanes next summer.Basically your harvest is split in half.

Summer bearing raspberries have all their fruit on the floricanes next year.

When the floricanes are finished in the summer......they need to be pruned out.Their fruiting is over.Leave the primocanes standing if you want fruit next summer.

Wait until next summer to prune back the floricanes.they will only leaf out up to where the fruit was the preceeding summer.

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Thanks for your help, sportsman1.

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