Blueberry questions

scuzzynuttyJuly 1, 2012

Seeking some help on blueberry bushes.

I have two blueberry plants in containrers, one is a Misty, and the other I don't know, but it's a southern highbush - this one produced a lot of fruit this year, probably over 400 berries, but they were quite small, but very sweet. Was wondering how come the fruit is so small?

The Misty did not produce much fruit, maybe only 50 or 75, not sure why. The two plants were next to each other. Seems this one doesn't grow much, it has a few branches growing sideways rather than up, leaves look healthy, but not sure why it's not producing or growing/expanding much.

I just bought a Sharpblue yesterday, and want to replant it in a bigger container. I went to Home Depot and Lowes and they no longer sell the Kellogg Azalea mix potting soil. I got some Kellogg Patio Plus potting soil because I noticed that it has Canadian Peat Moss in it. Will it be the correct PH or should I still go find some Azalea Mix?


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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Canadian peat should be ok. It seems as if misty might be one of those nearly wild ones. Or in need of a pruning. I'm not sure, but I bet they're TOPS for dehydrating, baking, fresh eating. Up north we have little giant. Do some searches here on the site for lots of good postings/threads.
good luck

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You'd be better off with spaghnum peat moss. This is the kind that is brown and fiberous. It's also acidic. Canadian peat moss is usually the black kind and not as acidic. Plus the black peat doesn't drain as well. The first requirement of any potting mix is good drainage.

To make them grow dissolve 1 Tablespoon 21-0-0, ammonium sulfate, in 2-3 gal water and use that to water once a week. In between use straight water. This will push rapid growth in about 4-6 weeks.

Small fruit could be from lack of water or too much fruit. Often some fruit needs to be removed by pruning or hand thinning. Misty often over bears so not sure why the short crop. Perhaps it was the lack of growth.

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Thanks for the replies. Where does one get 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate? Is that just Nitrogen being added?

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Try tractor supply, Rural King, type of store.I pay $13 for 50 lbs.
It's cheap. Looks like salt with a yellow tinge to it.

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