Avocado leaves turning brown

phantomofthenightJuly 28, 2014

Over the weekend I noticed my dwarf Hashimoto avocado's leaves are turning brown and are starting to drop.

I'm not sure if it is because of frost damage, fungus or the surrounding mulch? Is it worth digging it up and putting it in a large to pot to rehabilitate it?

The plant is 2 years old and hasn't grown much despite being regularly fertilised.

The soil is volcanic with a couple of layers of mulch on it and the tree has morning sun and afternoon shade.

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This is my other dwarf Hass avocado which is 1.5m away from the damaged Hashimoto.

The tree has some insect damage but is in much better condition than the other tree.

Anything advice you have would be much appreciated.

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Still looking for help...

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econ0003(10a CA / 8b CA)

Avocados tend to get ragged looking when the weather is cold. They also don't like wet and cold roots. It makes them vulnerable to root rot. I wouldn't water them in the cold winter unless the soil completely drys out.

I wouldn't fertilize them at all unless they are putting on a lot of new growth during the growing season. They are very sensitive to salt accumulation in the soil.

My guess would be that it is suffering from the cold weather and/or salt accumulation from the information you gave.

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